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Low & Bonar

Adfil is a brand of the Low & Bonar Group. It stands for over three decades of expertise in concrete reinforcement. Thanks to their ease of use and durability even when faced with aggressive environments Adfil macro and micro synthetic fibres deliver major benefits in coastal civil engineering. Adfil fibres can be used in a wide range of marine and coastal reinforced concrete applications to replace conventional steel mesh reinforcement.

The replacement of steel with Durus synthetic macro fibre eliminates the risk of corrosion and associated problems. Equipment required for handling, placement and fixing of steel mesh is no longer needed. This significantly reduces construction time. The risk of steel mesh being placed incorrectly no longer is a factor when replaced with Durus. The product also eliminates health & safety hazards associated with steel fixing.

Fibrin XT mirco synthetic fibres significantly enhance the abrasion and impact resistance of the concrete. The fibres also reduce permeability and the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking thus extending the service life of the concrete structure.

The Adfil team is looking forward to meeting you on their stand to discuss how you can take advantage of Adfil synthetic fibre reinforcement with your next marine project.

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