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Boskalis Westminster Ltd.

Founded in 1933, Boskalis Westminster is the longest established and most experienced dredging and marine contracting company in the UK. The company operates in all sectors of the UK dredging market including maintaining and developing the nation`s ports and waterways, providing services and materials to the country`s sea defences, reclamation schemes and specialist services to the oil, gas and water industries.

The fleet of dredgers and support equipment is, for the most part, permanently based in the UK thereby minimising response times and mobilisation costs. This also allows for a varied and versatile range of plant and equipment to be matched with the task at hand for optimum performance and cost efficiency.

By its nature, operating in this diverse market requires appreciation and awareness of the intimate interaction between business requirements and the environment. The company has developed an environmental policy consistent with these. To further facilitate these principles, the company is committed to a programme of staff training and ongoing development of innovative equipment and techniques to minimise any impact on the environment.

Boskalis Westminster is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster nv, the world`s largest dredging group, which is currently active in more than 50 countries across the globe.

With the support of other group subsidiaries, Boskalis Westminster has the capability and resources to undertake the complete spectrum of dredging related tasks including coastal, inland waterway and seabed protection, immersed tube tunnel construction, offshore services, rock and breakwater construction, environmental projects, marine drilling and blasting, port and waterway engineering and pipeline installation.

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