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Fibrwrap Construction UK Ltd

Fibrwrap Construction UK Ltd is a part of Aegion Corporation`s Infrastructure Solutions platform, which provides infrastructure rehabilitation and strengthening solutions for pipelines, buildings, bridges and other structures. For more information on Aegion, visit its website at

With over 25 years` experience in structural strengthening, concrete repair and the carbon fibre strengthening industry, Fibrwrap is a leading name in the provision of structural repairs, concrete repairs, cathodic protection, sprayed concrete and crack injection and repairs.

Here at Fibrwrap UK, we carry out structural strengthening and repairs, using carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced polymers. We apply them to marine structures, bridges, pipelines [for strengthening and relining] and we strengthen and repair industrial structures.

Operating throughout the UK and overseas, Fibrwrap UK provides an innovative structural repair service using Tyfo Fibrwrap systems - also known as FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymers) - and other construction technologies.
This innovative structural repair technology has been the subject of hundreds of structural and material tests, achieving a reliable composite strengthening system for structural repairs that demonstrates the intended design performance of what Fibrwrap UK can offer.

Leading the way with innovative techniques in the structural repair market, Fibrwrap UK provides cost-effective strengthening and repair solutions to clients across all sectors.

To find out what Fibrwrap UK can do to help you, or to enquire about our no obligation feasibility study and cost analysis for your structural repair project, please contact us today.

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