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Harbour Clean / Go-Stock

Harbour Clean - the shallow water specialist for inland waterway and intertidal maintenance and development. Principal activities include dredging (backhoe, grab and suction), aquatic weed cutting, reed control, SuDS remediation and maintenance, floating and submerged debris clearance, and all types of shallow watercourse conservation.
The shallow water fleet of ten vessels includes a 50ft narrowboat backhoe dredger with spud legs, a Truxor amphibious tool carrier (weed/reed cutter and backhoe dredger), a range of versatile and rugged aluminium landing craft, a 6.5m inboard GRP survey vessel, and a waterjet powered tug/general workboat.

Go Stock - the sole supplier of the revolutionary NON-BIOCIDE Marine Algae Cleaner capable of effective and environmentally approved cleaning of slipways, pontoons, harbour steps, quaysides and generally wet fresh and salt water surfaces. Complying with both HSE and EA guidelines for use of Non-Biocide cleaners, the Marine Algae Cleaner has proved more effective than banned bleach products in many areas of application.

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