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Vector Corrosion Technologies

Vector Corrosion Technologies is one of the world`s leading suppliers of corrosion mitigation products and services for reinforced concrete structures, including PT bridges, car parks, marine structures, steel framed buildings and steel structures. Either using Impressed Current Cathodic Protection or sacrificial galvanic anodes.

Trading for over 50 years, Vectors on-going focus on research and development has brought numerous patents and industry awards.
Vector are currently involved in developing multiple techniques for stopping corrosion to steel. Crevice corrosion to steel structures causes many thousands of pounds` worth of damage every year. Vector have a totally unique solution to this problem. Similarly, Vector has helped a number of USA DoT`s to address a major concern of corrosion to post-tensioned cables.
Vector has offices, in Europe, America, Canada and a distribution network throughout the world. There is no similar company to match its high ratio of NACE or Icorr trained staff to the number of personnel employed.

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