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WaveWalker BV

WaveWalker BV provide versatile walking jack-up barges for nearshore projects.
WaveWalker 1 is an innovative 8-legged self-contained walking jack-up barge, capable of safely operating with bi-directional movement whilst elevated allowing the jack-up to move and relocate without floating. This versatile jack-up can move and operate in rough seas, strong currents, through the surf zone, on beaches and other intertidal locations and within environmentally sensitive areas.
This considerably boosts the productivity of a variety of traditional jack-up operations, such as:
• geotechnical site investigation
• drilling and blasting
• trenching, pipeline and cable laying
• marine construction and pile installation
• offshore windfarm operations and maintenance
• other marine and underwater work.

These are all areas where floating equipment or conventional jack-ups would experience extensive delays due to weather downtime, site access issues due to shallow water depths, as well as the safety implications of operating floating equipment in nearshore, large swell locations. The jack-up is also of sufficient size to support live aboard applications, thus dramatically increasing operational productivity and reducing crew change downtime periods. WaveWalker 1`s ability to relocate in position without the use of supporting tugs can allow for the client to reduce their project programme, risk and cost.

In 2014 WaveWalker 1 was awarded the British Engineering Excellence Award and the Ground Engineering Product and Equipment Innovation Award.

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