Live Demos at Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo

Live Demos at Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Exp

The best way to truly understand the potential of a new product, and evaluate its performance, is to see it in action with your own eyes. Luckily, M&CCE Expo has an action-packed lineup of live demonstrations that showcase the very latest equipment transforming marine and coastal civil engineering projects.

Below demos are from the 2017 show. 2018 Demos are coming soon

Across The Two Days


ADC Drainage - Stand Number F5050


The Silt Pusher is ADC’s newly purchased piece of equipment from Holland. It makes light work of drain and de-silting problems. The silt pusher, basically a floating bulldozer, vastly improves drain clearance quality even with difficult access. Ultimately it saves our customers time and money. The perforated dozer blade is mounted to the Silt Pusher boat with hydraulic height and angle control, making clearance of differing drain widths very easy. The blade is pulled through water, or on top of silt, by a powerful winch within the boat and 300m of cable tethered to the embankment beside the excavator.


BROKK - Stand Number F3054


Showcasing demolition tools from Darda and Brokk group’s latest acquisition, hydro-demolition company Aquajet. As the appointed UK distributor for Ecovolve electric dumpers, we have a full and impressive range of electric dumpers. Brokk UK Ltd will display our small, remote-controlled demolition machines at our two areas within the Excel arena - with the world’s smallest diesel remote-controlled demolition machine one of the innovations that will be demonstrated. The award-winning Smartpower electrical system will also be on show in the new Brokk 110; and our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions about the products.


Foldable RIB - Stand Number F5051


During our demonstration, we’ll show the audience how simple it is to deploy and use our folding RIB boat. These new and revolutionary Foldable RIBs (FRIBs) have 3-section or 4-section articulated, folding rigid hulls; making them easy to transport, store and deploy in emergency situations. Our FRIBs take up little more space than an all-fabric boat, whilst retaining the performance, stability and durability levels of a conventional, rigid-hulled boat.


Meercat Work Boats - Stand Number M8084


A road-transportable monohull workboat, we’ll display our RT15 in the demo area - the ideal vessel for an endless list of duties and equally adept at assisting on coastal, lake, or inland waterway tasks. The Meercat RT15 strikes a superb balance between length and beam, and its generous working platform lends itself to a multitude of workboat applications - with its 20t payload of liquid or dry cargo helping to get jobs done in a fraction of the time. The RT15’s twin, 3m-wide hulls can be easily transported by road to any destination at a moment’s notice.


BORGER- Stand Number F9024


The Borger Mobile CL390 mobile trailer unit is equipped with a high-quality Borger Rotary Lobe CL390 Pump and boasts a HATZ diesel engine; intelligent control unit; frame with integrated fuel tank; and a number of additional features - including hose holders on the side.


Pontoonworks - Stand Number M8082


Pontoonworks is an innovative support service specialising in pontoon hire; solving issues and creating opportunities for a growing number of industries. They make access over water simple and safe, and are a trusted partner to many organisations and several of the UK’s largest construction companies. Their key aim is to provide a comprehensive service with minimal disturbance to the environment. This is often of particular relevance to their clients at restricted or historical sites, where disturbance to the environment is a major consideration.


Tideman Boats BV - Stand Number M6092


An indestructible HDPE workboat that can handle rocky shores, shallow waters and even arctic conditions; our HDPE workboats are perfect for working in a rough or challenging environment. From high-speed intercepting to dive support and patrolling; dredging support to crew tendering; and anchor handling to survey tasks; our workboat can handle it all. Our HDPE workboat uses one concept, available in three different sizes. You can choose the size and configure the boat to fit your requirements. Smart, safe and strong - that’s a Tideman! Come and watch our boats in action along the Thames.


Vikoma - Stand Number F5032


Our flood boom will be erected along the riverside, adjacent to the railings, as a static display that will demonstrate the product’s stability. To simulate cleaning up after a flood, there will also be a demonstration using Mini Vac, our vacuum system, in an inflatable neoprene pool; showing the equipment sucking up gravel and water solution from the pool, discharging it into a drum, and then returning to the pool for further demonstration. This display will showcase how the fluids are collected and solids are separated.