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New Product Showcase.

Our new micro ROV has a number of features, firstly it is small in size, it weighs only 11kg with a number of thrusters. This lovely piece of kit has a number of features, with a fully qualified pilot it can be used for long periods of time, saving money, resources and improving on safety.

The smooth, stable and highly manoeuvrable ROV has a rugged frame and quick swappable batteries. Powerful but dimmable lights, provide excellent illumination for the live HD video feed.

The camera is 1080p digital with a wide field of vision, which can be used for 3D mapping, water sampling and fish stock surveys.

It can dive to depths of over 100 metres and can be used for ocean research, exploration, inspections and surveys.

This can compete with larger systems at almost half the cost of daily hire. Our pilots have twenty plus years in the industry and can work in a variety of platforms, off shore or on shore.  The ROV is created with high-quality parts, meticulous design and rugged reliability with proven success in the field.

The types of work our micro ROV can undertake include:-

  • Environmental and Heritage studies.

  • Coastal surveys.

  • Renewable Energies; offshore wind turbines, structure support.

  • Reservoirs, dams and water pits.

  • Marine and Underwater inspections and surveys; Subsea cables, tunnel mapping.

  • Hull inspections.

  • Harbour walls, bridges, canal walls, lock gates.

  • Pipeline and tidal lagoon surveys.

  • Safety and security; maritime safety, police and coastguard assistance, search and recovery, HM security, insurance investigations.

  • Offshore Oil and Gas.

  • Documentary and Film making.


Our main aim for any public or privately owned organisations is to increase safety, efficiency and productivity.  As many companies are discovering an uncertainty in a future post Brexit, as well austerity measures the micro ROV is cost effective and lowers downtime, it also requires a smaller team compared to diving support teams.

Michael Dusher recently stated that “Micro- ROV’’s reduce the risk to workers, so potential harm is also reduced” (Wind Energy Community Update 2015).


In conclusion Seabright’s, professional team and their new micro ROV could lower your inspection costs, enhance your safety record and improve your productivity demands.

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