First aid for dredge pump use

The use of dredge pumps requires specific knowledge and expertise that the user does not have. Dredge Pump Solutions (DPS), the recently set-up specialised division of MvO International, offers a wide range of products and services to help customers carry out a successful dredging project.

Since January 2018 DPS has been officially active as an independent division

of MvO International. Martens and Van Oord decided to bring together the

knowledge and expertise present within their company in order to respond

to the growing requirement on the market. “Contractors, selling parties and

customers were contacting us with increasing frequency asking how a pump

should be used for the successful execution of a project. They couldn’t find

anyone to help them with this. There are lots of parties that make and supply

pumps, and that also rent them out, but they are limited to the hardware. We

don’t only rent out and sell used equipment, but supply the knowledge and

expertise to operate it too,” says managing director Joost Kruis.


DPS’s key focus is on dredge pumps and their use. The services range from

the simple renting out of a pump to following through a complete project

from start to finish together with the client. Thanks to its own in-house

engineering department, it is able to do project-specific modifications. “We

have the knowledge inhouse to develop new equipment and to modify existing

equipment. This means we have the right solution for every situation,” explains Kruis. In addition to the extensive consultancy and engineering package, DPS also supplies personnel and provides on-the-job training.


DPS aims to provide in particular added value for smaller, local contractors,

both at home and abroad. Kruis: “Often they don’t have the knowledge

inhouse to carry out dredging projects. Our senior consultant has recently been

working at a project in Kenya. The customer had a dredge pump, but no

experience in using it. We gave him advice on how to approach the work

and are now helping him carry it out too. We believe that technique is the

starting point. Based on this we can be the link for the successful conclusion

of a dredging project.”


Contatc details:

Dredge Pump Solutions

+31-(0)162 474747