Fixed Wing or Multirotor Drones?

Drones are becoming a part of the surveyor's toolkit with the ability to collect accurate data, quickly and safely is of growing importance in today’s economic climate. Picking the right tool for the job is key to achieving the necessary dataset efficiently and effectively.
The fixed wing Delair UX11 - with its 59-minute flight endurance, is an ideal solution for highly precise and safe mapping of large areas in a number of industries, such as surveying, construction, oil and gas, utilities, mining and agriculture. It delivers features for before, during and after flight operations, including an embedded, distortion-free, global shutter camera with 21.4MP, capable of achieving an unrivalled 1.7cm GSD at 400 feet, intuitive analytics and data reporting tools such as in-flight photo viewing and settings adjustment, pay as you go Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) and benefits from easy hand launching and a unique deep stall landing, which drastically reduces the space required, improving safety and asset integrity.
The multirotor Microdrones mDMapper1000 - is an adaptable system with various interchangeable payloads, all have incorporated end to end solutions from data acquisition to processing, all sensors are easily upgradeable allowing you to tailor your package to suit your needs.

  • The Photogrammetry option uses a Nadir gimbal mounted Sony RX1Rii camera with a full frame sensor, global shutter and 42MP. Alongside the camera is the Applanix APX15 integrated IMU/GNSS providing true Direct Georeferencing, allowing for time-saving measures such as 40% side overlap, no GCP layout and reduced processing times. The DG system also allows corridor mapping due to its accurate IMU, typical RTK and PPK systems can’t measure these angles making mapping a logistical and technical challenge.

  • The +i Inspection payload uses the Sony A6300 camera mounted to a brushless motorized gimbal, providing pan, tilt and zoom functions. Record HD video, take photos or produce a 3D point cloud for meaningful visualization.

  • Microdrones utilize the SICK LiDAR sensor with integrated Applanix APX15 to provide a small sub 7kg manageable end to end LiDAR solution. With 19500 points/sec, a point density of 65pts/m2 can be achieved at 40m altitude. Microdrones offer acquisition through to point cloud production making deliverables easy and quick to process.

Further sensors include the industry-leading MicaSense RedEdge Multispectral camera, Flir Thermal camera and Methane Detection.
Finding the right drone depends on the application, both are capable of providing accurate data. If flexibility and adaptability are key then the Microdrones mDMapper1000 offers a range of sensors alongside the benefits of manoeuvrability and stability associated with a multirotor system.
If large survey areas requiring accurate photogrammetry are planned, then the Delair UX11 fixed wing is ideal, the unrivalled GSD, in-flight photos, hand launch and deep stall landing are unique to this system, allowing the user to be confident in producing high-quality data.

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