3D GPS dozers that leave a mark

3D GPS dozers are slowly being incorporated into more and more projects across the UK. Part of their popularity and success is down to the value that these enhanced machines offer. 

Once such example of their cost efficiency and use is the upstream flood storage areas being constructed to protect the properties of Louth and Horncastle in Lincolnshire. 

When dam embankments for this project were being planned, it became apparent to the construction team that they would have to build beyond the structures size before trimming the sides and slopes to +/- 25mm and +/-10mm tolerance on the spillway crest.

Special 3D GPS dozers systems supplied from Williams Plant were called upon to reach these low tolerances quickly and first time around.

By using the integrated 3D GPS system, the project no-longer required a banksman to supervise and check levels. The machines cost £10-per-hour more than standard dozers, however, when taking the banksman cost into account, William Plant’s machines cost considerably less.

In fact, 3D dozers like these have been found to save a third of the time that standard equipment would take to complete the task - reducing emissions and fuel as a result.