Upkeep of Cork Coastline Needed in Order to Sustain Local Industries

The Coastal Management Committee (CMC) has advised that urgent funded is needed by Cork County Council, to improve facilities in the area through maintenance and enhancement projects.

If action is not undertaken then rural coastal communities are in danger of losing their income and a result of coastal inlets silting up, boats are barely able to moor on the channel because the sandbars are unmanaged, and the pontoon in the harbour is listing to one side.

A lack of dredging in the area has also raised various safety concerns, from worries about the structural integrity of pontoons, to the increased risk of flooding in rural coastal communities.

Declan Daly, council deputy chief executive said that the council would work with local authorities and the Port of Cork, to fund some sort of coastal protection program, but warned that grants were often limited and funding would be dictated by how much councillors wanted to divert away from other service programmes.