Adrian Charters

Land and Minerals Consulting Ltd

Adrian Charters (Geological, Survey and Air Operations Director) is a geologist with over 35 years industrial experience. He is a Chartered Geologist and Fellow of The Geological Society of London, a Member of the European Federation of Geologists and a Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying. He also holds a Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUCs) to commercially fly Small Unmanned Aerial Systems.

DroneSurv specialise in the “remote” acquisition of survey, geological and geotechnical data using their Optech ILRIS long-range high-accuracy LiDAR scanner and their various UAV mounted aerial systems. They also have the experience, software and hardware to process and analyse the data in a wide range of surveying, geological and geotechnical analysis software. The Company was awarded Joint Runner-up in the Engineering Initiatives category of the Mineral Planning Association’s Health and Safety Awards 2013 for their use of Terrestrial LiDAR and UAV’s for remote Geological and Geotechnical Surveying.

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Case studies of UAV Geotechnical Coastal Surveys

Since 2012, DroneSurv have undertaken unmanned aerial systems around the UK and Europe. Some of these have been particularly challenging. This seminar will present two case studies of these types of survey. Gibraltar, a limestone cliff requiring rock-fall analysis, is over 1,000 feet high and required special permission to exceed CAA height guidelines; and Barton-on-Sea, a 4km stretch of the Jurassic Coast for geomorphological failure mapping and erosion monitoring.