Bernard Kennedy

FLI Carlow

Bernard Kennedy is Executive Director with responsibility for Innovation and R&D at FLI Carlow. He is a Chartered Structural Engineer with 20 years experience in consulting engineering and almost another 20 years in precast concrete design and manufacturing. He is inventor of the Stormcast flood relief (storm attenuation) system and has several patents pending. Blending experience in design and business management, lessons learned in problem solving and delivering the correct quality on-time and on-budget are shared and explored.

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LEAN in Offsite Manufacturing and Construction

This presentation examines the extraordinary opportunities to add value to project delivery using the combined philosophies of Lean Management and DfMA techniques. Of the multitude of steps required to bring ideas to reality, many do not add value. Eliminating waste in the challenge to deliver more infrastructure at less cost is key. Developing a flexible workforce, a culture of refinement, innovation and self-criticism are essential to only to success but survival.