David Tinsdeall Hughes

Civil Design Solutions ltd

I have approaching 30 years of professional life experience including 15 years experience in business consulting practice and directorship. Within my early years I had relevant exposure to coastal area redevelopment and improvement projects across the north wales coast. I have had a wide and productive career in civil engineering and the built environment, enabling me to build upon the foundations and traditions of the past while embracing current thinking and practice and including ever evolving conceptual improvement to ensure today''s built environment is ready for the challanges of tomorrow. My professional achievements include MIHT 2005, ACIOB 1999 graduate of ICE 1999 and AMinstCES 1998.

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Coastal Area Redevelopment and rescues

The seminar will focus on appropriate elements of coastal area redevelopment and rescue. The main theme will blend with related topics in context of climate change, torisum and the joined up needs of the community to succeed with the aim of this model. The model will also show a combined solution including reducing flood risk and storm damage and the financial element. The talk will introduce within the context of the model, cove catchment area and tidal lock design.