Dr Sabine Apitz

SEA Environmental Decisions Limited

With more than three decades` experience in marine and environmental research, policy support and consulting in academic, government and business sectors, Dr. Apitz is a recognized leader in the development of innovate approaches to landscape, river basin and coastal environmental management and restoration, stakeholder involvement and regulatory policy frameworks and objectives, and the evolving question of how we can be more transparent in the use of science to evaluate and manage human impacts on ecosystems. After a decade as the Director of the Sediment Management Laboratory at SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego, she is currently the Director of SEA Environmental Decisions Ltd in the UK. Recent work includes advice to Defra, EA, Venice Water Authority, EEAC, ONR Global, ECHA, the EU, Environment Canada, as well as a range of corporate clients. She has authored or co-authored over 300 reports, book chapters, journal articles and technical presentations on these subjects.

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Sustaining land- and waterscapes: informing equitable decisions

There has been an evolution of landscape and coastal management frameworks, from engineering-based, focusing mainly on economics and risk, to trade-off-focused, considering stakeholder values and equity of impacts. What are meaningful and measurable attributes of sustainable management, and what is being sustained? To what extent do current decision frameworks allow sustainability as a decision criterion rather than a post-hoc justification? Emerging tools and approaches and continuing challenges will be discussed.