Prof Gregorio Iglesias

Plymouth University

Prof Gregorio Iglesias (GI) is Professor of Coastal Engineering at Plymouth University and Leader of the COAST (Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport) Research Group. He has over 20 years` experience in numerical and physical modelling applied to Marine Renewable Energy and Coastal Engineering, including the characterisation of wave and tidal resources, and the modelling of coastal morphodynamics accounting for the effects of wave and tidal farms. He participates in the design and laboratory tests of WECs and coastal and port structures, and acts as PI on research grants and contracts funded by the European Commission, various national research councils, coastal management agencies and port authorities. He is a member of the IEC Technical Committee for sub-prototype size wave energy device development (laboratory testing) and one of the inventors of WaveCat, a floating overtopping WEC. GI has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and secured over £5M research income.

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Coastal Protection by means of Wave Farms

Many coastal areas are at risk from erosion and flooding, and this will be exacerbated by climate change through two of its main effects: sea level rise and increased storminess. On the other hand, as Marine Renewable Energy develops into a fully-fledged renewable source, wave farms consisting of Wave Energy Converters will convert wave energy into electricity, thereby creating sheltered areas in their lee. In this seminar we will discuss the application of wave farms not only to produce carbon-free energy but also to mitigate coastal erosion risks. By realising this synergy between Marine Renewable Energy and coastal protection we will tackle both the cause and consequences of climate change: the cause, by decarbonising the energy supply, and the consequences, by combatting coastal erosion.