Ian Thomas

Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd

Graduating in Land Surveying from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1978, Ian has worked in a variety of roles across the broad spectrum of mainstream Civil Engineering. Initially in Contracting, before 14 years spent within the Consulting field, primarily as part of a team representing the client on major construction sites. Almost 7 of these years were spent in the Middle East (Kuwait & Qatar).

Since returning to the UK in 1999 he has spent 16 years as Project Manager of the Pevensey Bay Sea Defence PPP scheme. Working with the Environment Agency, the project has been seen to provide quality flood defence services and develop best practice for maintenance of mixed shingle beaches, whilst paying due regard to the natural environment, coastal processes and sustainability.

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Long Term Loss of Beach Sediment from Eastern English Channel

Managing a sea defence for 15 years has led to a detailed knowledge of the climatic pressures that exist on the English Channel coast. Results suggest a gradual loss of beach sediment from the intertidal zone. Is this just an inevitable effect of rising sea levels, or are there steps that can be taken to reduce or even reverse the trend?