Jeroen Dijkstra


Jeroen Dijkstra: Geotechnical Department Manager and member of the Cofra Business Development Team.

Jeroen is a Geotechnical Engineering Graduate from Delft University of Technology with vast experience in design, project management and execution of ground improvement solutions. Jeroen has worked on projects in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia on behalf of Cofra.

Specialties: Engineering geologist/geotechnical engineer with vast experience in vertical drainage, vacuum drainage, piled embankments, Rapid Impact Compaction techniques and liner applications

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Anti-piping screens within flood embankments

A pilot was executed in the Netherlands to investigate the possibilities to install a geotextile vertically into the soil to prevent piping. The presentation will provide information on the system, the boundary conditions, execution method and gives insight into the first quality control measurements taken after installation.