Jerzy Pietrucha

The Pietrucha Group

Manager and investor. Joined the Pietrucha Group in 2009 and became the CEO of the family enterprise in 2012 to continue reinforcing its strong, international position. The Pietrucha Group is competitive and innovative group of companies which specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of top-class geosynthetic products as well as providing a comprehensive range of geotechnical services broadly used in civil engineering. The Group is present in over 35 countries, on 4 continents. As the founder of the investment fund JPBC, he also carries out broad investment activity. He is a graduate of St. Claire’s College Oxford, the Gdańsk University of Technology Faculty of Material Engineering, and the University of Warvick Faculty of Production Engineering. He holds an Executive MBA from the Leona Koźmiński Academy. He also completed post-graduate African studies at the SWPS University “Africa: Business and Beyond”.

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Innovations in Flood Prevention, Flood Prev As Ppp Project

Mr. Pietrucha would like to present a case study on the development of new solutions in flood-prevention. He will present two such solutions: the patented SuperLock composite sheet piling – combining the parameters of steel piling with all the advantages of PVC. The second solution is also developed by our engineers and it refers to how we could provide specialized solutions to tackle the hydrological problems in forest ecosystems (preventing drafts and floods).