John Logue, BSc Hons, MBA


John Logue is the MD of MIT (Marine and Industrial Transmission) who are driveline experts in the marine, industrial and specialist vehicle sectors. He has over 20 years industrial experience leading commercial, supply chain and technical teams to develop and deliver innovative engineering solutions to a variety of sectors including maritime, construction, railways, power networks, telecoms and buildings infrastructure.

Throughout his career John has worked and built customer relations in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He has a strong academic background achieving a BSC (Hons) in Physical Science for Microelectronics from Paisley University and an MBA from Manchester Business School.

John lives with his wife and 2 young boys in sunny Sussex and is a keen amateur cycling enthusiast.

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Electric and hybrid drivelines enabling emission and operating cost reduction

This seminar will outline UK government actions around the enforcement of tougher emissions regulations and the operational impact this has on marine and coastal civil engineering. It will highlight the impact CO2 and NOX emissions are having on the environment, climate and air quality. We will demonstrate innovative electrical/hybrid driveline technology solutions and present case study examples for coastal work boats and land based construction vehicles that helps industry to reduce emissions and meet future regulatory requirements.