Kimble West BEng CEng MICE

Xeiad Ltd

Kimble West is the Engineering Director of Xeiad Ltd and has over 25 years experience in the field of difficult access engineering consultancy. He has personally led teams of specially trained engineers in the inspections of many high profile structures throughout the UK. His position as both a Chartered Civil Engineer and Level 3 rope access supervisor gives him a unique insight into the planning and execution of a multi faceted, highly technical difficult access inspection exercise such as this.

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Difficult access engineering inspection of Brunel’s Royal Albert Bridge

The construction of the Royal Albert Bridge was famously completed in 1859. Its huge size and towering height means that engineering specialists are required in order to get to every part of this varied structure; engineers employing a variety of difficult access techniques such as Industrial Rope Access, Commercial Diving, Sonar scanning and Confined Space Entry; engineers that can reach the parts other engineers cannot reach…