Lara Moore

Ashfords LLP

Lara Moore is a specialist in coastal development at leading national law firm Ashfords LLP. Lara advises port authorities, developers, local authorities and large corporates on all aspects of obtaining coastal development consents, including; terrestrial planning permission; marine licensing and planning; harbour revision and closure orders, EIA consents and wildlife licensing. Lara has advised on a number of high profile multi-million pound coastal developments and one of the first regional multi-site marine licences granted in the UK. She is well known in the industry as a pre-eminent marine licensing lawyer.
Lara has won numerous academic awards and writes regularly for prominent publications including; the Maritime Journal, Estates Gazette and Planning Magazine. In addition she presents seminars for leading industry organisations including; the British Ports Association, UK Harbour Masters Association and Port Skills and Safety.

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Obtaining Consents for Coastal Development - Key Considerations

Obtaining the consents required for a largescale coastal development is a complex and time consuming process. Such consents may include; terrestrial planning permission, marine licences, harbour revision orders, harbour ''works'' licences and EIA consent. Failure to understand fully the interaction of these regimes can lead to projects being severely delayed or halted. This talk examines these interactions, with a focus on securing consents for development works in a time and cost efficient manner.