Marco Pluijm

Port & Marine Experience Based Solutions

Marco Pluijm holds an MSc in Civil Engineering from Delft University, The Netherlands, and has close to four decades of wide-ranging experience in the coastal, port and marine infrastructure business. Over this period Mr. Pluijm has been employed by both the Ministry of Transport and Ministry for Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, two International Engineering Consultancy firms, an International Dredging Company, UNDP, a Port Authority and an EPC Contractor. Which explains for his extensive hands on experience regarding basically all project roles, phases and elements.
During this period he has worked in over 50 countries, holding positions ranging from researcher, surveyor, engineer and project manager up to the role of managing director.
He has published numerous articles and was quoted in interviews about innovations in the business, trends in the shipping industry and world trade, related port development scenarios, climate change impacts and mitigation, etc.

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Resilient by Nature: an innovative approach towards enhanced climate change impact resiliency

The impacts of climate change induced extreme weather conditions come faster and with higher intensity than originally anticipated for. Hence traditional design and construction methods are often no longer adequate. The Resilient by Nature approach is based on what can be learned from coastal systems with natural resiliency built in and how to translate these qualities to coastal zones elsewhere, not able to deal with these phenomena so well.