Michiel Luijken

Boskalis Westminster

Michiel Luijken is an experienced Civil Engineer with 18 years’ experience in the dredging, marine and coastal, industry undertaking a variety of roles from site based to office based and is currently part of the estimating team as tender co-ordinator/estimator. For the past 8 years'' Michiel has been based in the UK for Boskalis Westminster Ltd. He was involved from the very early stages of the Cowes project, through to project execution and completion.

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Cowes breakwater from conception to reality

The seminar will review the design and construction of Cowes breakwater, built on a very soft layer of clay up to 18m deep. It will include an explanation of the design philosophy and description of the various stages of the execution. The project involved placement of a sand/gravel bed, installation of drains and heavy duty geotextile, placement of gravel core and final placement of rock armour layers. This was all undertaken in a busy marine environment.