Rob Holtom

EDF Hinkley Point C

Rob Holtom is Technical Director at MOCEAN Professional Ltd, and has been responsible for delivering challenging offshore engineering and construction projects around the world.
Throughout his career, Rob has established a record of technical excellence across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Making the most of the opportunities available to him, he’s reacted quickly to the changing markets, adopting the latest technical developments, planning and environmental guidance, and legislation to ensure that his teams can lead the way in successful and responsible project delivery.
In 2006 Rob gained an Integrated Master of Oceanography from Southampton University. After several years spent delivering projects around the world, Rob was well positioned to transfer into the UK Nuclear Sector.
Despite the challenging backdrop of heavy regulatory compliance and complex physical environments, Rob has achieved the high standards of safety, environmental responsibility, technical innovation and operational performance expected for the offshore construction components of the UK Nuclear builds.
Rob is currently responsible for the delivery of marine construction projects at EDF’s Hinkley Point C Nuclear New Build.

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