Scott Dunn


Scott Dunn is a senior Project Manager with Jacobs and has over 20 years of experience in the design of port and coastal structures. He has also been involved in a number of joint industry research projects looking at fundamental theoretical design problems such as liquefaction around marine structures due to wave/structure interaction.

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The use of advanced numerical modelling in coastal and port engineering (both now and into the future)

Since the advent of practical numerical modelling tools in the 1980’s, coastal and port engineering has developed significantly. Whereas in the early days design work was largely reliant on physical modelling to assess complex behaviours such as wave breaking, sediment transport, wave diffraction and overtopping, today numerical modelling can now accomplish as much in sometimes much shorter times. The aim of this seminar is to survey the current role of numerical modelling in coastal and port engineering and attempt to look into the future of where it may be heading. As numerical modelling increases in complexity there is not only a demand on greater computing resources but also on the ability of users to understand the underlying physics and numerics behind the models. To this end an assessment of the future skill requirements of the next generation of engineers will also be made.