Tom Sangster

Downley Consultants Ltd

Tom Sangster is Managing Director of Downley Consultants Ltd, a UK-based engineering consultancy specialising in trenchless technology projects worldwide. He is a chartered civil engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in civil and geotechnical engineering worldwide including foundations, soil reinforcement, geosynthetics, pipe materials, trenchless technology both new installation and rehabilitation, project and risk management, and quality assurance. He also has significant marketing management and business development expertise internationally in the same fields. He manages and leads all Downley’s economic, business and market investigation consultancy worldwide as well as participating in projects covering the full spectrum of trenchless technologies. He is a frequent speaker on trenchless technologies and has published numerous conference papers on specific aspects of underground utility works. Tom Sangster is a member of the Council of the UK Society for Trenchless Technology and a past President of the Swiss Society for Trenchless Technology.

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The Applications of Trenchless Technologies in Coastal Utility Infrastructure Works

Trenchless Technologies for the installation of pipes and cables without excavation provide cost-effective, non-disruptive and environmentally friendly solutions for utility infrastructure works in coastal locations. Directional drilling for cables from offshore wind farms and microtunnelling for sea water intakes and sewer outfalls are two examples. The seminar will describe these methods and their applications with some case studies to illustrate the benefits that can be achieved.