William Coulet and Marc Rotsaert and Mr H.H.M. Ekkelenkamp

Exo Environmental Ltd, Netics B.V., Svasek Hydraulics B.V.

William Coulet is the founder and managing director at Exo Environmental Ltd; he has a worked in the freshwater and marine environment since 2000. Exo Environmental is focussed on the management of marine and freshwater projects, in particular dredging and sediment. He has worked on several iconic ‘Working with Nature’ projects and is the vice-chair of the Working with Nature working group of PIANC. He has environmental BSc (eco-hydrology) and MSc (EIA and environmental economics) degrees and maintains strong academic links through R&D and guest lecturing. Mr Coulet’s expertise is in beneficial reuse and dredging projects in sensitive environments, with a strong link in environmental monitoring and adaptive management. He has completed projects in the Somerset Levels, London, Norfolk Broads and Essex Coast for governmental organisations, trusts, harbours, marinas and research institutions.

Marc Rotsaert unites knowledge of physics of rivers and coastal areas with significant experience in monitoring and field survey, and hydraulic modelling. After earning his masters degrees at the University of Utrecht (Physical Geography, specialisation: coastal and river morphodynamics) he was employed for six years at the port of Rotterdam. There he trained himself in performing field surveys, both independent and in a team, processing the obtained data and presenting the results to the client. Since 2007 he has been working for Svasek Hydraulics, a consultancy company specialised in coastal, river and harbour engineering. His work mostly concerns hydraulic and morphological (model) studies, which generally consist of a problem analysis, collecting data, set up of a (numerical) model and presentation of the results. His experience at the port of Rotterdam and Svasek Hydraulics has gained him a lot of experience in hydraulics of ports and estuaries.

Mr H.H.M. Ekkelenkamp MSc BSc, co-owner and director of NETICS BV ‘The Innovation Engineers’ is a specialised civil engineer in the field of dredging works, morphology and hydraulics. He has a degree on hydraulic engineering and sediment morphology from the University of Delft. Over the last ten years Mr. Ekkelenkamp has managed many projects concerning dredging, sediment re-use and sediment stabilisation, with a specialisation in building structures with geotextile tubes filled with soft sediment. Projects involved drafting dredging agreements for the water boards of the Netherlands for thousands of cubic metres of sediment. Besides determining the quality of sediment he was also involved in the ecological restoration of the sites. This included sediment and water quality sampling, analysis and characterisation of sediment determinants. From his specialisation in sedimentology and innovative hydraulic structures Mr Ekkelenkamp is able to connect the removal of sediment with sustainable re-use of the material.

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Beneficial reuse of dredged material in a breakwater of geotextile-bags.

Engineering with Nature, an insight into coastal engineering of breakwaters with dredged sediment contained in geotextile bags. Extensive research of site characteristics, morphodynamic and hydrodynamic modelling. Specialist structural design of sediment filled structures, and unique ecological features to incorporate the structure into the surrounding environment. Resulting into the beneficial reuse of dredged sediment, coastal protection and incorporation of environmental characteristics.