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Wednesday 12th September

Thursday 13th September


11.00 - 11.30

Mikko Vinkki

Optimum piling solution…by the water

MOVAX provides the most productive solution for permanent/temporary retaining walls, coffer dams and foundations when working by the water. Whether the intention is to construct/repair canals, piers or docks, reclaim the sea or defend against flooding, the MOVAX way-of-piling is inherently safe, fast, efficient, versatile and accurate. With MOVAX piling equipment it is possible to take care of the entire process without manual handling or assisting machinery - even in areas with limited or difficult access.


11.45 - 12.15

Richard Mason

The Right Technology to obtain the Correct Solution

Assessing solutions to address coastal erosion and flooding may require using different types of technology that enable you to collect the necessary data to engineer a solution. With the use of Drones in the air, Hydrones on the water and terrestrial Laser Scanning, the solutions are readily available. Join us to see how to combine these technologies that allow you to collect the required data to assess and find the right solution.


12.30 - 13.00

Richard Kennedy

Slope Stabilisation in Marine Environments – The Cambrian Campaign West Wales

DYWIDAG supply a wide range of geotechnical systems used in slope stabilisation. This talk focuses on a series of rock faces stabilised on the west cost of Wales for Network Rail. In order to minimise maintenance and provide a 120-year design life in this marine environment a fully stainless system was required. Utilising DYWIDAG’s HCR Stainless Steel Threadbar and Geobrugg Stainless Steel Tecco, framework contractor Alun Griffiths carried out rock bolting on a series of faces along the route.


13.15 - 13.45

Tim Smith

Jack Up Barges – supporting the UK’s renewable and energy sectors

Tim Smith, Head of Business Development at Red7Marine, will provide an overview of jack up barges within the marine construction and renewables industries and what the future of these sectors looks like. During the talk Tim will examine two significant projects from 2018: Hinkley Power Station and a subsea cable project. Red7Marine is the marine partner of choice for construction, consultancy, energy and renewables, marine access solutions, training and recruitment.


14.00 - 14.30

Andrew Blogg

Utilising drones for large scale marine and coastal asset management

In a period of unprecedented technological and regulatory advances within the unmanned aviation sector we are now experiencing the early stages of maturity in terms of established best practice and acceptance of the value drone data can provide. Drawing on our experience in Marine and Coastal work, this seminar will set out to highlight some of the best and worse practises as well as tips on growing external and internal teams.


14.45 - 15.15



Mr. Pietrucha will present different directions of development of our products in order to create innovative flood protection and prevention solutions. First of all, he will talk about development and upgrading the qualities of the existing products, secondly about new, innovative materials to finally move to complete new solutions based on the existing products.