Theatre Hall 7

Below is The M&CCE Expo 2017 schedule – Line-up for 2018 will be released soon...

Theatres 7

Wednesday 27th September

Thursday 28th September


11.15 - 11.45

Mike Boggust

Benefits of Synthetic Fibres in Concrete for M&CCE

Seminar highlights the benefits of using synthetic fibres as an alternative to traditional steel mesh reinforcement in marine & coastal civil engineering projects.


12.00 - 12.30

Jerzy Pietrucha

Innovations in Flood Prevention, Flood Prev As Ppp Project

Mr. Pietrucha would like to present a case study on the development of new solutions in flood-prevention. He will present two such solutions: the patented SuperLock composite sheet piling – combining the parameters of steel piling with all the advantages of PVC. The second solution is also developed by our engineers and it refers to how we could provide specialized solutions to tackle the hydrological problems in forest ecosystems (preventing drafts and floods).


12.45 - 13.15

Jeroen Dijkstra

Anti-piping screens within flood embankments

A pilot was executed in the Netherlands to investigate the possibilities to install a geotextile vertically into the soil to prevent piping. The presentation will provide information on the system, the boundary conditions, execution method and gives insight into the first quality control measurements taken after installation.


13.30 - 14.00

Peter McCloskey

Protection of Concrete Structures Exposed to a Marine Environment

Jetties and quayside structures sit in aggressive environments where moisture levels and chloride levels are extremely high. Owners of such structures are continually faced with finding the best ways to protect their valuable yet vulnerable assets. This seminar outlines the causes of deterioration associated with reinforced concrete marine structures and explains some of the innovative and cost-effective methods of protecting those structures using galvanic anode based technology.

14.15 - 14.45

Jim Preston


The presentation will look at common causes of corrosion for reinforced concrete structures and steel piling often used in port and harbour structures. These include chloride initiated corrosion of reinforcement in concrete and Accelerated Low Water Corrosion on steel piling. The presentation will look at methods to prevent corrosion including different types of cathodic protection systems. These solutions will be illustrated by case studies from around the UK.


15.00 - 15.30

Roger O’Kane

Diving Does Not have to be Dangerous

Explaining the importance of the client and the proper selection of competent diving contractors to mitigate the risksExplaining the importance of the client and the proper selection of competent diving contractors to mitigate the risks.